We are looking forward to meeting you!

Here are some details to make your visit special and stress free:

Location & Time:


Join us at 5:00 pm on Sundays at

The Sanctuary on King at

721 Kings Street in La Crosse!

Plenty of parking options: parking lot and  street parking available.


your kids:


We love kids and families at Bluffs Community Church!

On Sunday mornings, for kids ages 0-10, Bluffs Kids provides a safe, fun and nurturing space for your child to become rooted and thriving in his/her faith.

Our Sprouts (ages 0-2) and Shrubs (ages 3-5) have group time for the entire service.  Our Sapling group (Ages 6-10), will remain with their family for worship and will be released midway through service for age specific teaching.

*Check-In for all ages occurs before service at our Bluffs Kids Check-In.